General sample submission instruction as well as common forms for submitting samples for identification by mass spectrometry (in-gel digestion, capillary HPLC, MS/MS analysis), N-terminal protein sequencing by Edman chemical degradation, or intact molecular weight determination are included in this pdf documents below. Print the relevant form and submit along with the samples.

Sample Submission Forms


More global analyses, like GeLC analysis (whole-lane gel analysis), have additional instructions and a different sample submission form.

GeLC Project Information and Submission Form

GeLC Sample Submission Form


Many proteins are not in public databases due to the organism used or mutations expressed in user laboratories. We must have the exact sequence of the expected protein for detailed mapping or site of modification analysis. Folow these instructions to email us the exact protein sequence:

Email Us Your Unique Sequence


If you have a Site of Modification Determination project, we must know the EXACT mass of the covalent modification, as detailed on this form:

  Add Mass Calculation Form


If you have a project which requires a specific database to be used in the identification search algorithm (Sequest), follow these instructions to get us this information:

User Database Submission Instructions


In order to be consistent in sample naming, please review this information on imaging and naming gel slices from a whole gel.

Gel Imaging and Sample Numbering

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