At the heart of every project is a detailed sample preparation discussion with one of the staff scientists. Once the project has been approved, samples may be prepared following these protocols.

Firstly, a reasonable estimation of protein quantity is essential to the success of a project. We have found one of the best ways to do this is by gel band size and intensity, using this Quantity Estimation Protocol.


For preparing samples for Edman sequencing (aka N-terminal or chemical amino acid sequencing) please follow this protocol to maximize your chance of the highest quality results, use this Edman sample prep protocol.


For preparing in-gel samples for digestion and identification by mass spectrometry, we have a detailed protocol which covers all the bases for basic protein ID work, follow the protocol for In-gel sample prep.


More detailed projects, such as modification site determination, mapping, GeLC and quantitative analysis demands an in-depth discussion well in advance of the actual sample prep. 

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